10 days to go

16 March 2011

It’s done. I’ve entered all 498 candidates for the 93 electorates and all the details I could find.

So. Here’s some observations:

  • Labor, Christian Democrats, Greens and Liberal / National Coalition have a candidate for almost all, if not every electorate.
  • A lot of the names and faces are familiar to Local Government
  • John Hatton may as well establish his own party – the John Hatton Group of Independents… Now, this is just my opinion, but doesn’t it go against what it really means to be independent when there is a group?
  • There are more pollies retiring than I care to count
  • Family First is growing
  • Not many pollies or wannabe pollies really seem like they know how to connect with voters in a modern fashion.

I really had problems trying to find an online presence of a lot of these candidates. Where are their websites? Email addresses? Facebook and Twitter accounts? This is how people connect these days – this is where they go to ask questions and find out what people have to say. Aren’t politicians supposed to engage, to consult and represent their constituents ? How are communities supposed to contact candidates if they don’t  provide information? It’s all a bit sad really.

A good number of candidates who either didn’t state their affiliation or who declared they were independent are what I have called AKA – Also Known As. Now, apparently party registration in NSW is quite a pain in the A (I think everything to do with the NSW EC is – just my experience), for a start you need to have at least 750 members and cover the $2000 application fee as well as getting your application in 15 months prior to the calling of an election – so this aint easy. Whats even more stoopid in NSW is the party can be registered Federally, but candidates can’t state that affiliation on the ballot. So, I’m going to give these candidates the benefit of the doubt and assume that they havent declared affiliation because they legally cant. I’d really like to see the laws change – wouldn’t you? Wouldnt you like to know that the independent candidate for Bla town is actually a member of One Nation or the Socialist Equality Party? It’s about fairness and transparency and about informing the public damn it!

10 days and counting. If you have any info or want to say Hi – leave it in the comments box.

Getting to know your local candidates

18 January 2011

The countdown has begun to the 2011 NSW State Election. The hope I have is that the information I gather here will be of use to the punters out there who would rather get to know their local candidates via social media or online rather than be harassed door to door or at their local shopping malls.

Instead of sitting in the dark, being all apathetic and boring then arriving at the polls and doing some real damage by casting votes without knowing who you are voting for, you can find out more about your local candidates here and be involved in bettering the representation of our State.

You can try the search for your suburb, postcode or candidate or if you know your electorate they can be found down the right navigation. The easiest way to find out which electorate you belong to is visit the NSWEC http://elections.nsw.gov.au/old/state_government_elections/electoral_districts/electoral_district_search and do a search.

So my disclaimer reads something like this: I take no responsibility for any information supplied or any opinion or comments posted on this site. I’m also not claiming to have all the info, especially when its early days.

The Governator has yet to issue a writ for the election, and I’m told by the NSW Electoral Commission that candidate nominations will open and close some time in early March (very possibly the 10th), so until that time, the list of candidates and info may be a dynamic mess much like the State is in now. Thus far, the Libs & Nats are on the ball with their candidates, Labor has yet to formally issue theirs (may be waiting for some more resignations or scandals to come?) and the Greens are as usual a little disorganised – they have a list, but not necessarily any candidate information.

All the information I gather will be through the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC), the NSW Electoral Funding Authority (NSWEFA), Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and other Candidates official online presences and the more reputable news sites.

Readers can help by sending any new candidates they’ve heard of, or any info thats of public knowledge and concern. Ie. I do care if they have a facebook page, but don’t care about who they are sleeping with or what they had for breakfast (though the former would be amusing). I’d love to hear from Candidates themselves, particularly, the Indies, seeing as you’re all a little more elusive.

And thanks for bearing with me while I get this baby up and running.

  1. #1 by Paul Mitchell on February 21, 2011 - 4:53 am

    Hi Know Your Candidates,

    the web details for Peter Scaysbrook, Labor candidate for the seat of Menai are –

    w http://www.peterscaysbrook.nswalp.com
    e peter.scaysbrook@alp.com.au
    p 0435 589848
    fb http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Scaysbrook-for-Menai/140571496002845

  2. #2 by John Forster on March 13, 2011 - 5:15 am

    Hi there

    I am standing in Heffron and here are my details

    Name John M Forster – Independent
    Email ForsterForHeffron@gmail.com
    Web TheReluctantPolitician.com

    John F

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